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The current rough outline is to build a foundry that can use propane for melting aluminum and brass now, but will be capable of handling an oil burner and melting iron later (hence the 3000ºF refractory cement instead of home made refractory lining.)  Stepping back another level, a foundry fits in to Freeside being capable of going from an in house 3D design, through its own RepRap or CNC produced plastic/wood model, to making a mold and casting a metal part, and eventually milling as needed.

Who is interested:

John W.
Chris A.
(add your name here)

Sub Projects:

Oil burner

Stuff We Need:

  • crucible(s): a 4" diameter by 6" tall steel pipe that we can weld an end on
  • wheeled support structure for rolling it out the doors: Lawn mower (Donald, Beth)
  • Water heater tank: to cut an outer wall for the chamber and lid
  • A regulator or other gas parts from an old propane barbeque grill
  • Small squirrel cage blower/fan (other freesider may have/bring)

Stuff We Have:

  • 25 lbs of 3000ºF refractory cement (Donald)
  • 5" x 24" x 25" ultra-high temp  ceramic insulation sheeting (Donald)
  • a bag of perlite (Donald)
  • a bag of vermiculite (Donald)