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Hosting Services

We have the option of putting a couple of 1U servers in a managed co-lo facility.

I'd like to use this opportunity to set up virtualization (probably Xen) and create instances to host web services for other nonprofits.  Beyond just providing infrastructure, we could also advise them on setting up useful (and secure) sites and services.

Want to help?

Annotate your name below, and indicate what experience you have that will be helpful for this project.

  • Eater: long history with LAMP hosting, MTA care and feeding, networking, monitoring, general SA work, intermediate Python, and (some) virtualization know-how. The bastard moved.
  • dknowles: LAMP hosting, xen experience, advanced python, lots of web development experience and general SA work
  • dr.kaos: extensive virtualization experience (vmware, xen, etc), virtualizaiton instructor, virtsec consultant, LAMP sa and hosting experience
  • bigjust: web developer / LAMP

Benefits for Freeside

Beyond fulfilling our mission of benefiting the public at large, it's also a great opportunity to interact with other nonprofits and learn how they operate.

Further, we could accept donations in lieu of charging a fee for the services.

Project goals and design

Forthcoming! We'll fill in details after we get a critical mass of people who are interested in this.