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Hexacopter UAV

We decided a little while back to build a Hexacopter. So we formed a team, looked into what was required to get it done, raised the money, and built one. It took a lot of time and energy and continues to be a very difficult project, but we have progress to show!

First Flight

Our first successful test flight after several rounds of calibrations. Slade is flying it.
The real action starts around 4:41.

Second successful hexacopter flight

Second, longer test flight of the hexacopter.
It's only about 30 seconds into this video that the action starts.

Flight from the Go Pro's perspective

The flight from the hexacopter's perspective. It sounds a bit like a dental drill.
You probably want to skip ahead to 3:12 to get straight to the goods.

Stay tuned on Meetup for more info about our hexacopter meetup. See you there!