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Most Freeside members drive cars, so it's appropriate that we start a track along the lines of coming together to work on those cars. We get several benefits: those that know a lot get to teach, those that don't get a chance to learn, and our cars are happier -- which will let us drive to Freeside more often! :)

Huge caveat here: unless an exceptional circumstance exists -- we will be working ONLY on member's cars. We won't be becoming a repair shop for the community as part of this project. Exceptions will be made for the cars of immediate family and significant others, in the spirit of keeping them happy with all the time you will be spending at Freeside. That said, ANYONE can come to learn, we just aren't going to fix nominee's and the public's cars.

If you'd like to indicate your interest in having the Freeside crew working on -your- car, please follow these simple guidelines:

1) You -must- be a Freeside member to add to this list or have your car worked on. Non-members may be able to participate if they have significant knowledge in the area being worked on. As a non-member, helping to fix/improve cars of members is one of those things that might really help people to get a great impression of you. =)
2) For each thing you'd like to work on, please add your name, year/make/model of auto, and description of the issues/improvements that you want to work on under the appropriate heading. If there's nothing appropriate, add a category.

Here's the idea: list everything you can think of. As more people list stuff, we'll start seeing some common things (or major things) and we'll focus on those to start with.

Body Work
  • kive: '96 Chrysler LHS, rear bumper split (fiberglass body work, painting)
  • kive: '96 Chrysler LHS, dents and dings
  • kive: '93 Chevrolet Suburban, dents and dings
  • lara (kive): '?? Honda ??, dents and dings
  • AgoX: 2003 Mazda Mazdaspeed Protege, replace brake pads, Flush and Fill brake fluid. Would like to complete this week (9/30 - 10/3)
  • rjhatl: '03 Saturn SC2: Needs new brakes.

  • kive: '96 Chrysler LHS, turn signal indicator light inoperative (fun with wiring behind the dash)
  • rjhatl: '04 Chevrolet Blazer: 4-wheel-drive button doesn't actually engage 4wd. I've been told it's an electrical problem with the dashboard electronics.

Health Check / Inspection

  • Tripp: 2003 Honda Element EX (AWD). No clue whether or not anything's wrong, but it hasn't been to the shop in a while (I think it's at 80K, and the last non oil-change visit was ~60K?)

  • kive: '96 Chrysler LHS, inoperative windshield wipers (motor presumably detached from wiper control)
  • rjhatl: '03 Saturn SC2 (wife's car) and '04 Chevrolet Blazer (mine): Windshield cleaner pump doesn't work.

Power Plant/Engine
  • kive: '96 Chrysler LHS, replace engine gasket


  • kive: '96 Chrysler LHS, replace tie rod ends