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This is a page for planned fish/inverts/coral/rock -- it's a required list, a want list, and an available list.

Required Livestock (i.e. Inverts/cleaners)
(most quantities TBD by aquarium size, layout) (in progress, subject to tons of change)
  • Scarlet Hermit Crabs (small reef-safe algae cleaners, may need extra shells)
  • Left-Handed Hermit Crabs (ditto, but needs less shells)
  • Snails: Astraea Tecta, maybe one or two other types for balance
  • Red/Fire Shrimp (need to see if more than a pair is okay, controls salt ick)
  • An anenome shrimp would be cool, if it can cohabitate with the other shrimp without duking it out.
  • Emerald Green Crabs
  • Blue Tuxedo Urchins and/or Royal Urchins (early warning system for poor water quality -- they'll die first)
  • Ashy Sea Cucumber, or another of the more friendly varieties? (urchins are a generally a pain in the butt)
  • Various compatible starfish

Wanted Livestock
  • Feather Dusters
  • Live Rock (duh - type TBD)
  • Coral Frags (duh - type TBD)
Available Livestock
(low-cost starter fish or donated fish -- note, all fish will be quarantined before going into main tank(s))