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Game Plan

(Rough game plan -- feel free to fine tune... pieces may move around a bit)

1. Planning (Necessary Evil)
  •   One large (200-gal) main tank or several medium (50-gal) main tanks? (maybe start with one 50, with plan to build a 200, and leave it at that for the time being?)
  •   How many quarantine tanks? (I'm guessing 2 initially, scaling up to 4?)
  •   Space layout (it's a chill space, too -- humans > fishies)
  •   Electrical/Plumbing requirements -- heads-up to Raiford, talk at meeting to see if we can do it ourselves or if something should be macgyvered.
  •   Get ambient temp sensor history started (electronics project)

2. Building (Initial Infrastructure)
  •   Build and/or Repair tanks
  •   Clean and Sterilize
  •   Seal and Wrap
  •   Build/Clean/Acquire stands
  •   Final Space Planning

3. Integration (Get it Working)
  •   Power Buildout (if any)
  •   Plumbing Buildout (if any)
  •   Build filter system
  •   Build RO, if any
  •   water/air pumps, skimmers, lighting, etc...
  •   Set up first 2 quarantine tanks (no live rock, we can add a little later to quarantine 3 & 4 for picky fish and certain future inverts that like to carry nasties in with them), add tiny load of cheap starter fish

4. Shocking (Establish a Bioload)
  •   Water load, systems test
  •   Sensor placement (temp, pH, initially)
  •   Toxins lab test, supply lab test (if no RO yet)
  •   Initial bio-load (live rock) [note: at this point we're on committed timeframes]
  •   Wait for die-off, bio stabilization, monitor for parasites
  •   Acquire inverts, place in tank, monitor for parasites
  •   Add tiny starter load to main(s), move second load into quarantine

5. Main Loading
  •   Continue adding fish as they come out of quarantine, etc...
  •   Fine-tune first-stage automation
  •   Fine-tune water chemistry, feed mix, etc... (goal at this point is to go 3-4 days without touch)

6. Maintenance
  •   Move towards maintenance and improvement focus.
  •   Replace attritioned livestock.
  •   Move towards goal of 14 days without touch.