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We're putting some saltwater tanks in the chill space.

  • Build out several salt/live coral tanks in the chill space.
  • Automate to the extent possible. Eventual goal: 2-weeks between necessary visits.
  • Utilize technology and creativity to push the bounds of what has been done before.
  • Prevent loss of expensive things such as fish and coral by actively managing ecosystem health (quarantine, monitoring, etc...)
  • Reduce external influence on the ecosystem (dust, fumes, visitors)
  • Provide unprecedented levels of monitoring and remote management to allow a large group to assist in identifying problems/ideas (this is the entire Internet's fish tank!).

Planning Sections:


--All assumed as donated/owned by Freeside unless marked--

  • 2x50-gallon rectangular (kive-2 -- loan)
  • 1x55-gallon hex (kive-1 -- loan)
  • 2x10-gallon rectangular (kive-1, tronik-1)
Water-Moving Hardware:

Air-Moving Hardware:
  • 1x20g-rated water pump for a few quarantine tanks (kive-1 -- loan)
Filtering Hardware:

Electronics Hardware:
  • 1xArduino Duemilanove (ATMega328) w/ wired Ethernet board and Proto board (kive-1 -- loan)

Mini-Projects (stuff that can happen now/soon):

  • Build stands for tanks (50/55s) [need to design space layout and requirements (integration) first.]
  • Minor tank repair (one of the 50/55s needs some acrylic repair)
  • Run water and drain lines from kitchen or bath [where TBD]
  • Run power (grounded is critical) [where TBD]
  • We should start collecting data on temperature in chill space, warehouse, and outside. [outside can be scraped]
  • Investigate effectiveness and estimated cost for LED lighting suitable for salt/coral (as compared to metal halide, etc...).
Health Management:
  • Get quarantine tanks up and running [2x10, shared water and air for the time being is fine, we can also use this for taking on any "free" fish that we want to have in the environment]

Ideas (brainstorm here):
  • Duckie mentioned fishie-cams were necessary. Robotic might be nifty. :)

Scavenger Wishlist:
  • 100-gallon+ tank(s) [free/cheap -- should require minimal/no repair]
  • 6' sturdy shelf suitable for holding 10-gallon quarantine tanks [should be deep -- tanks will have the long axis going front to back]
  • Decent RO system [specs TBD]
  • Unused aquarium tubing/hardware
  • Large water pump [specs TBD]
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