"According to a manifesto on the nonprofit organization's wiki, the stuff and the stuff's tinkering owners are assembled to forge a union of creativity, curiosity and individual expression through technology."

"’s a place where people passionate about science, technology, and digital projects can meet, collaborate and hang out. It can be an open community lab, a machine shop, a work shop, a studio or a combination of these where people can share resources and knowledge to build neat stuff."

           Creative Loafing:
"'You don't just have to hack computers,'" says interim President James Sheheane. "'You can hack metal, you can hack wood.'"                
"'That speaks to what we're all about,' Storey says. 'Making cool stuff out of nothing.'"
                    "The space itself is a focal point for a community of DIY enthusiasts. Freeside, above all, is a community.'"                
                    "Overall, Freeside is about sharing and expanding knowledge – it is the open source mentality taken off-line'"
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