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Stanford classes are finally starting up - March 18th for most of them. Next meeting: March 24th at 6pm
Effective Communication class Saturday at 6 - Admission is 20 bucks
Lemons team update - Team wasn't present
Entrepreneur team update - Business plan and modelling tool are on the blog and in Dropbox. Send request to for access.
UAV team update - Soon.
News on 3D printers? - In redesign on the custom units
Arduino class schedule - Wednesdays at 7:30?
Welding class/workshops coming up? - Soon.
Auto shop team update? - We may need a discussion of "junkyard etiquette" and find somewhere other than pull-a-part.
MIC partnership is finalized w/ the board - Yay! So is Non-Profit status!
Python class? - Few takers. Weird.
Any new developments in the laser engraver department? - 2.5k budget is within reason. Soon.
Website updates? What else do we need to do? - Hmmm... we'll come back to this one.
Is everyone on Trello? Everyone on the Entrepreneur Dropbox share that wants to be? - New, better paid-for project management system is available. More details to come.
How are we gonna get some MAME goodness going in the space? - Curbob wasn't there. We'll see...
Any progress on Peek hacking? Not looking like it.
Other project ideas? - Tripp has workshop day coming up.
Does the vending machine in the back work? What can we do with it?
- <Members-only discussion here, folks>


Chase and Jim joined us. They're radio guys and are possibly interested in throwing an antenna on the roof, pending approval. Chase brought gifts!

BJ has been here before, but he was here again. He brought beer and some awesome racing knowledge. His BMW runs on an Arduino. Top that.

Josh came by again with an improved prototype and some pcb knowledge.It's now posted on the forum. Thanks, Josh!