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Misc topics

Partnership with My Inventor Club - We're sharing equipment, classes, and members, so let's make this official. $140 joint membership is being discussed. All present were in favor.

Partnership with School Factory - Sean has found a larger non-profit organization to become a part of for tax/paperwork/grant benefits. All present were in favor. More on that soon.

Project Management with Trello - Panda found it. We like it. Website team is now on there.

Marketing and Recruiting -
    - Let's focus on Southern Poly and Georgia State Student Associations for direct collaboration
    - Stickers and Shirts coming soon. (Curbob or Scott took this one?)

Website Team - Eldon and Steven are dividing this up and getting started with a revamp

Project Ideas -Let's get a few fun group projects going! Arduino stuff maybe. People got pretty excited about the idea of a quadrotor. Post suggestions on the mailing list.

Classes and work/play sessions

Buildout soon (early March?)
    - Labeling/documenting network stuff
    - Possible lounge area upstairs
    - E-Cycling area
    - Post some ideas on the message board

E-Cycling (Eldon is doing this on the 11th, and once a month after that)


Azi and Rikke stopped by from C7.

Zack made his second appearance and dropped some knowledge on server management. Zack brought Mike this time, who is a Domain Broker and Project Manager.

Jamie made his first visit. He's a Engineering Technician (...or Technical Engineer....) who does some technical quality control on various kinds of meters. And he's got a tow truck. Sweet.

Pledges / New Members

Shane from MIC was given a RFID badge and made an honorary member. He's a Freesider now.