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Misc topics

 - We're setting up a kiosk in the front of the space and will be
modifying the website in order to welcome new members and show them
the space.

 - We discussed developing a welcoming committee of sorts to help
attract new members. It is important to make sure that new members are
"right" for the space, and we don't want to start them off with a bad
impression or have them wander through the space feeling awkward. A
simple welcome and some introductions will go a long way.

 - We also discussed updating the website, since some parts of it
haven't been updated in a while.

 - We're starting a few rounds of classes, starting with group study
of the Stanford University Entrepreneurship class on Saturday and the
Code Year Java class on Tuesday. There's a thread up on the message
board for more information. There's a lot of interest in electronics
classes too. In an effort to reboot the teaching sessions, we will
probably plan a class on how to teach as well. More to come there...

 - Also discussed was the idea of rebuilding some broken electronics
in weekly or weekend projects. I know Curbob has some sweet arcade
machines to build a MAME system. Maybe that's a good candidate for a


Classes and work/play sessions

Stanford University online class discussion/study group meets on Saturday, Feb. 6 to coordinate.

Code Year Javascript classes will be held at 8:30 on Tuesday hosted by Sean