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Introduction of New People
Rockwell: Want's to learn to weld. Awlsome. Googled us.
Alan Hicks: Came from Google.
Bethany: Been by a few times. Through Google. Thank you google.
Fred: Been by a few time. Just a f***ng kid.
Happenings & Classes
DeLorean Explosion.
Saturday. 8:30. By Buddy. Splitting a DeLorean in two. Needs to get to fuel line. DeLorean Owner's Club is invited. BBQ will be served.
Android Development:
Tomorrow/Wednesday. By DanTheMan. Android development. UI design and slight advancement.
Woodworking Class:
Every other saturday 11-12:00. Woodworking class.
Sewing Lessons:
Saturday nights. By Pepper. Stop by for sewing instructions.
Monthly Social?
Anything to be done outside Freeside. Alternitively community work. Like FIRST. See BK.
MAY 14th. Srsly. Be There. Update the tasks list. Check the mailing list and the wiki. You can be fed from this.
Roller Derby Ads?
Could get a table for this kind of thing. Can sell makerbot bits? Who knows. Should be good advertising.
Chas Ads
Try to get publicity for doing cool things.