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New People
Andrew and Ed. Son and Dad. Found through Google.
Charlie. Recently Retired. Ham Radio & Electronics. Did Mechanical/Electrical design.
Karen. Does software project work and management. Silver and goldsmithing. Likes 3D printing.
Chris. Found via hackerspace list. Was Mechanical Engineer. Now a Dad. Knows machineing.
Mark. Programmer. Doing robotics. Found through Hobby Robot Club.
Chumin? From Finland. Here for a month.
Joey. Looking for tips and such. LED sculptures.
Last two Electonics Classes. This/Next Sunday at 3:00. By Chas.
Lathe Class 102. This Sunday at 2:00. Threading. By Mark.
Woodworking. This Saturday. More of a workshop. Come with a project. By Gonthim.
3D Printing Class. Next week. Date to be decided today. See mailing list. By Raiford.
Metal Workshop. Open Shop. Tomorrow. By Matt.
Sewing. Next tow Saturdays.
August 27th
Mini Maker Faire
Weekend after D*C.
Wall Whitewashing
Sometime in August