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Open notes:

meat new members.
Found out through someone at work, not a member.

3 new members.

Sewing class on non 6 saturday at 1600 admittance fee of 15 minuets cleaning time
intro class, hemming, how to use the machine.

Nov 6 also has circiut bending class by dan.

Flashtalks are unknown, but probably happening

oct 30 there will be a brain dump class by the guy who is leaving soon.

Electronics class on  oct 28th (thursday) 101 stuff, possibly a reset for those who have missed classes

nov 7th is welding 101. long class. Starts at 1100 hrs. Bring lunch. Very extensive theoretical, little hands on time. Approx 5 hrs. Oh, and it's long.

Continue thinking about x-mas presents to send to other hackerspaces. Debating about glitter bombs (don't).

unles you are mat or bk, don't touch the forklift.

Ideas for joint hackerspace projects.
Send half of a thing to a space with no instructions

there is at least one nomination for secretary or treasurer.

Keychain project?
Make atree

we learned drinking and large machinery don't mix.