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Freeside Minutes 8/10/2010

Don't really have an agenda.....

New Guys:
-Ed. Here to give Matt money.
-Justin. New to Atlanta. Needs friends. Found through Make magazine.
-Daniel. Found through Donald.
-Gene. Found through Brendan, and mutual friend.

Party Stuff:
-Party was a success. Stuff happend. Money was donated. Stuff was made.
-BK is a grilling machine. A good grilling machine.
-Thanks Sparr et. all. for cleaning the space up.

-First board beeting with new elected members
-Working on 501.3c and liability stuff.

Electric Car:
-Raiford and Buddy building a car and joining EV club of the south. Any one interested in electric cars ought to come to their meeting and steal their members.
-Looking for fundraising ideas for various price ranges.

-Got a dremel 4000 to mount to the CNC.

-Matt isn't here. If he was here he would have information about required cost for the welding class.
-Consumable metalworking equipment labeled. Pay for what you use.

-Had 4-5 speakers. 10 attendees. Little slow because of the party.

-Not really sure when the next one is scheduled. To be determined.