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October 5 2010

New People
Mark: Lives withBen and stuff. Massage therapist.

Jeff: Thinks making and building is cool. Building a makerbot.

Ben: Runs a machine shop. Sculpture and furniture for a living. Has a large gantry router in his basement.

Craig: Does lots of software stuff.

David: Heard from Sean. Is a geek. Trying to get out of the house.

Eric: Looking into augmented reality stuff. Is a lurker since the founding of Freeside.

Intro to tattooing: Billy's son is heading the class. Bring a pigs foot or something. Sunday October 10.

Welding: Bring a project. For yourself or for Freeside. Just do somethin. Sunday 2:00-ish, after tattooing.  Note for using welding supplies. Don't use the nice stuff for crap. Replace it or buy it.

CNC: October 16th. Heeks CNC to be covered by Sparr. Also more basics.

Electronics: October 14th.

New Member!:
Sean. W00.