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Freeside Minutes 7/20/2010



Giant round of applause for BK.
More applause for BK.

New visitors!
Ben: Heard about Freeside from Ben.

Special Visitor
INFO, aka Don. Founding member.

Dan! Don't leave. Meeting is now....

Second time visitor!
Omar: From GA State, heard through friends like Justin.

Party information:

Freeside's 1.5 year anniversary. Can be Rickrolled if you look to IRC for information.

Gonna need to make the place to look nice. The back suddenly looks nice, and now the front looks like crap. Look for Duckie to pose a scheduled cleanup date.

Place is actually gonna need to stay nice. Things -will- be trashed if left out.

Dan has no more information. Look to Buddy. He'll be to the meeting soon. Tabling discussion till arrival.

Matt Cheney has not heard back from anyone about DJing. He needs information now.


Matt has turned in his Oxy-Acetelyne tank. Unless Freeside wants to lease an acetelyne tank we're not going to be cutting stuff.

TIG can't be taught as an open class. Need guaranteed skill in welding.
Need more scrap for Stick.
MIG is easier.

Members voted for a MIG class.

Matt to look into pricin to give to Raiford.

We got People going. Like KerBob and Duckie. They're gonna take some schwag, flyers, and blog about it.
Well, if Duckie gets flyers.


BK says take out a bag of trash out when you leave.

Dragon*Con Update:

Planning on a rapid prototyping, battlebots thing.

We might be able to sneak into the Science group. Need to talk to the man in charge who likes Freeside.
Members to look for contact info and send to Duckie. Do your homework!


Brent and Elena are looking for sponsors.