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Election Discussion
Recap 2 Weekends Ago
2nd Logo
Maker Faire

Questions will be taken until Wednesday noon.  Duckie will send BoD nominations the questions tomorrow night.  Duckie will wait until all answers are received, then posted to the wiki.

Elections one week from Wednesday (June 2).  The Member Portal will need to be modified by next Wednesday. The current plan is to use email to tally the votes. The votes will be tallied by Raiford and Duckie separately.

Friday, June 4th 
To Speak, send topic to Kiki by Wednesday, June 2nd.  Lots of Fun will be had.

Big Weekend Review
Westend Tour - had a lot of visitors
Hackathon - 23 unique viewers

Need a new 2nd logo for swag.  Swag will be needed for DefCon.  Duckie is a media whore.

Prize for "Best" Blogger, determined by Duckie, Kiki, and Raiford.  Some sort of gift certificate, or a date with Duckie.

Maker Faire
collaboration with CoLab, (@ CoLab).  Possible presence at the Hackerspace meetup at Maker Faire in Detroid at the end of July.  Kiki will supply details to the mailing list.

Taopunk has officially submitted the "Strong Suggestion" to clear the project tables into the plastic bin.  If your project does not fit into the bin, it should be stored elsewhere.

Be diligent about the AC, its hot season now, also known as summer.