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Build-Out Goodness
  • There was an email.
  • Second Sunday of every month will be planned for build-out.
  • We may buy some new tools.  *Everyone looks at Raiford*

Book Donations

  • We may get some.

First Friday Flash Talks

  • We need more people to do talks.
  • You can talk about anything.

Front Door and Badging

  • Duckie requests that you badge whenever you show up at the space.
  • This is mainly so other members will know who is at the space currently.
  • No need to badge every time you go out to smoke.  Just the first time.

New Badging System

  • Phreakmonkey is still working on the code for the new badging system.
  • We already have the equipment that we need for the new badging system.
  • Goal is to have both the old and new systems active for a month to allow everyone to setup their new badge.
  • There will instructions published about how to activate your new ibutton.