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Visitors and New People

  • Lots of people!!!
  • Some found us through StumbleUpon
  • Referred via dknowles, might get some interest via ACM
  • Referred via Enrique
  • Member of Noisebridge and Interlock Rochester visiting! Yay ambassadors!
  • Visitor who loves nerds! Which is good news for Freeside.
  • (Duckie introduced the new people to Freeside and our classes)
  • Dan announces carbon fiber and composites
Build-out Wrap-Up and Retrospective
  • Kitchen is tiled
  • Bathroom has been demo'd and is prepped for a shower
  • Classroom was updated, a nonmember helped immensely by running power and ethernet cable for the security cameras
  • Baseboards and other detail work done by Pi
  • Some work on the loft area
  • Second Saturday is work Saturday! March 13th
Memberships and spouses/domestic partners
  • This was set long, long ago, in a bar far, far away
  • Spousal/DP access is implicit via a shared card
  • For clarification, please ask the Board or Executives
GA Tech Fair
  • Really, really need speakers badly
  • In Macon, GA, ~45 min south of ATL
  • Looking for presenters (a table with a display!) or speakers
  • March 13th
  • Free hacking conference, ~3-4 years old, run by Skydog, Freeside knows and loves them
  • Quite a bit of involvement from Freeside members
  • Dan will bore the audience!
  • If you want to get involved, talk to Duckie
First Friday Flash Talks
  • The first one went really well! It was a genuinely good time.
  • Presentations 3-5 minutes in length, not intended to be super in-depth
  • Next one is March 5th
  • Talk to Kiki, she's looking for speakers!
  • Please get topics to Kiki by next Tuesday
  • Brandon is working on stepper motor driver library
  • Dan is working on some synth modules
  • Peter is working on the oil burner for the foundry, building a sandblast cabinet, and refurbing the horizontal bandsaw
  • Kiki is working on LED textiles
  • KC is working on facilities (iButton door system), and wants to build bat detectors to listen to the 4000+ bats living in the tower nearby
  • Sparr is taking things apart
  • George is growing things using LEDs, as well as some supar sekrit things
  • Some nonmembers are working on robots, games, theatrical lighting systems, microcontroller projects, tricky boxes, duckie is violating FAA airspace