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New People

  • Four new people in attendance, heard about Freeside through non-members or by living nearby
  • A few non-members in attendance
  • Member spots are open, if you're interested in membership, find someone to sponsor you!
  • New tools are being donated, Duckie has noted discussion regarding where we should keep them
  • Duckie recommends the back room for non-hand tools or other non-commonly used tools
  • Some discussion regarding where to locate power tools and hand tool location
  • Please also be sure to put tools back where they belong
  • Redundancy is okay - don't let existing tools prevent you from donating - but check around before making purchases
  • Do be discussed in a members' thread!
Third-weekly recycling initiative
  • KC Buddy/phreakmonkey is heading up an electronics recycling initiative
  • Electronics are free to recycle, except $5 for CRT
  • Third saturday of every month, KC will show up at the space at 11 AM
  • Looking for volunteers to help out! Please help out!
  • Very last row of shelves will be purged on the Recycling day! EVERYTHING ON IT WILL GO!
  • Please be cognizant of the timing when you put things on those shelves
Georgia Technology Fair in March
  • Duckie met with a gentleman, discussed Freeside being a sponsor
  • Duckie offered $200 which will get us sponsorship
  • Accepting further donations to increase the level of sponsorship
  • They also need judges - anyone can sign up to be a judge
  • Lots of competition types, including robotics, CGI arts, and much more
  • Anyone interested in judging, please contact Kiki
  • The Fair is March 13 in Macon at 9 AM, so please be aware of that before volunteering :)
Flash Talks!
  • This Friday at 7:30!
  • Short presentations, 3-5 minutes, on anything at all that doesn't suck
  • Kiki listed the topics (not recorded here), lots of really interesting-sounding stuff
  • Attendance is highly encouraged
  • People who go to Shmoocon instead are lame
  • Dan's mom might make cookies
  • Another buildout day is coming!
  • Regularly, the second Saturday of the month
  • Still needed: drywall, cleaning, tool organization
  • This is, btw, a great way for non-members to get to know members and pitch in
The Door
  • Due to newly-developed kits that are available to break proximity cards, Freeside will not be using them for much longer
  • Please contact KC for details if you need them, enrollment will start soon and it will be easy
  • Kiki and several others did lots and lots of cleaning on Sunday! Thanks to Kiki!
  • The last shelf area in the front area has been cleaned off and is for new donations or equipment
  • Please date-stamp new items, and organize them accordingly when adding them to the newly-opened shelves
  • Reiterating donation guidelines
    • no CRTs
    • no computer older than a P4