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  • 1 new visitor, introduced via the welding class
  • two new visitors, introduced via the creative loafing article

freeside mailing lists

  • non-members complained about member-related items on the nonmember list
  • duckie wants to encourage use of the member list
  • also wants to keep potentially sensitive information (e.g. door security) off the public list
  • also wants to move narrowly-focussed, administrative-type emails to the members list 
  • sparr proposes a forum
  • proposal for a -announce list?
  • kiki recommends putting -announce traffic on the blog
  • Duckie asks for information re: what's wrong with him


  • duckie wants to begin to reward members for blogging
  • discussed w/ treasurer, and there is a plan to reward the top blogger
  • please avoid repetitive posts, spam, etc
  • enrique recommends a qualitative analysis versus a quantitative
  • sparr recommends sharing/dividing rewards amongst the best posters, possibly on a qualitative basis
  • kiki proposes putting the reward(s) up to a vote
  • multiple requests for style guide or guidelines on, e.g. image sizes
  • dan reminds that there's a 4MP digicam available for general space use
  • please remember that quality of images is also important
  • there is a freeside flickr group! add your pictures there

Flash Talks!!!

  • duckie loves the idea, damnit.
  • flash talks are open for anyone to spend 2-5 minutes speaking on a topic of their choice!
  • any topic will do, doesn't have to be in-depth, can be funny or boring, all comers are welcome
  • looking for 20 people, currently there are ~5
  • target date of Feb 5
  • please email Kiki if you want to give talks
  • deadline for submissions to Kiki is Sunday to start advertising

cleaning the space

  • Dan is sponsoring a cleaning day saturday!
  • it starts at 2 PM-ish sharp!
  • any help getting the very back logically partitioned into a "wood-working" side and an "auto-working" side
  • please be cognizant of helping people find things by either putting things back, or not taking entire bins home


  • robotics class on Feb 6, bring money for pizza, also bring your warez
  • circuit bending feb 6, too, hosted by Dan
  • sewing class @ 12 on saturday hosted by Kiki, no snuggies will be made


  • please, be aware of cursing near kids
  • freeside has a visitor from the free culture club
  • we have a donation jar! please make it visible near classes!
  • please wash dishes if you use them