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  • 2010 Goals
  • Post Election
  • Party
  • Blogging
  • Meetings

2010 Goals:
  • Make Freeside bigger, badder, better
  • Have fun
  • More Projects!!!

Post Election:
  • No major gripes with system
  • Anyone can implement uber system for next election
  • system will support nominations for next election
  • Need more projects to be blogged about
  • Sparr cooked a hotdog...with his mind! and current, he will blog about it next time.
  • Raiford or Duckie can give blogging permissions for the site.
  • Don't get emotional in the blog.
  • 7:30 start time will be enforced
  • meetings will be brief(er)
  • socials after the meeting
  • agenda will be posted Monday to the mailing list