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September 28, 2010
Holy hell, Branden is running the meeting

New People:
Justin. No longer in another state. Heard about Freeside when it was meing founded.

Mark: software dude who can solder. Heard about Freeside at Dragon*Con

Ralph: Likes alcohol. Heard about Electronics 101. Does lots of handsy stuff.

Welding: Sunday, October 3. 2:00-ish to 7:00-ish. Open course.

Electronics: Thursday, September 31. Oscillators and timing.

CPR: Looking for interest, BKs mum is willing to teach.

CNC: Saturday, October 16th around noonish.

F3: Friday, October 17:30. Show up, listen, give a talk

Open Issues:
Sparr pleads for help moving a giant spiral staircase without exploding.

Iron pour @ Elliot St. Pub at Flux this Friday, October 1. Expect around 10:00.

Duckie says start thinking about Christmas cards/gifts for other spaces.
Elections are soon. watch the list for nominations.

Haloween Parade. We want to make a float for the Little 5 parade.. Need to talk to guys who run the parade.

Billy got us a replacement BBQ, flammable cabinet, 6x giant fans. Lots of other colol stuff. A.k.a. He's awesome.

Crime Alert:
Dirty nasties walked off with two grills and Matt's bloody ashtray. We need to get some cameras up outside as well as inside. Got some cammeras, but they need set up.