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Freeside Meeting. 7/27/2010

New People Ousting:

Alexander. Graduated U of Flordia. Moving to Atlanta in a week. Discovered Freeside from Friends in Hack D.C. Fought off Ninjas.

Ryan Nicolitas - Working a PHd in Music Technology.

Randy Saturly & Ant - Works for Van Rann communications. Talk to fro PBX equipment

Matt's Mom.

Jac Crolat? Space at woodtower galleries. Does theater and stage stuff.

Tomas Brooks- Computer Consultant. Heard about Freeside through Google.

Raj - Software Engineer. Looking for more hardware now.

Freeside Classes Plug. Everyone should come. Everyone.
Member Sponsorship Plug. Look to website or -people here- for details.

Opening Party!

Details to be posted on the public list. Everyone should come, and bring a friend. Probably won't burn down Atlanta again.

Duckie's gon for DefCon

More Cleanup Stuff - Cause it's always needed.
Special thanks to BK & the helpers from C7.
Specific cleanup date to be posted

CNC Machine
Special thanks to Branden for fixing the CNC. Passing around a part.

Branden to be teaching a CNC class. Looking for a list of ideas. Ryan will be helping edit material for CNC newbies.

Electronic Class
Looking to restart Electronics 101. Need a teacher. Don't need a member. Duckie is a terrible person.

Welding Class
Matt can do a class on Sunday at Freeside. Will be doing a class this Saturday at C-7.

Thanks for coming.
Be free and social.