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  • New People
  • Classes
  • Voting
  • Colo Server
  • Opening Party
  • Blogging
  • Projects

New People
  • John - saw us in CL. Interested in automotive stuff
  • Cindy - Makes jewelry from recycled stuff. Knows John
  • Daz - Friends of dknowles

  • Welding class - Thx dan - pics of class. Will start working on doors soon
  • Atl Robotics club tour this Saturday at 2pm
  • Ramp building saturday afternoon
  • InfoSec class: starting again! Jason will talk about SSL vulnerabilities, K.C is interested in XSS & nullset can talk about RSA encryption.

  • It's open! Once you vote once, your selection is FINAL
  • Nominees listed by username. Voting done via member portal @ appspot
  • Voting closes 7PM Dec 29th
  • Problems with member portal? Bug Raiford

Colo Server
  • Setting some ground rules for use -- use common sense
  • Dan has he details

Opening Party
  • Kive & Dan will be working on the details after the holidays.

  • Need more stuff on the blog!
  • All projects SHOULD have some blog posts
  • This is our best way of sharing our knowledge with outsiders, gets us press, attracts members, etc

  • Dan's friend Emily interesting in helping get some cool art on the walls
  • Stained glass project? Need lift.
  • Fixing back door - also need lift.... so yea, lets borrow the lift
  • Duckie is fixing the sink that he may or may not have broken ;)
  • K.C. is working on fixing the 37" TV
  • Kiki is working with PS1 & Make on conductive thread projects