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Meeting Topics

  • Stickers
  • Elections
  • New Members/Visitors
  • Field Trips



  • We have them!
  • 5 free for each member.
  • $0.25 each after that for members.
  • $0.50 each for non-members.


  • Raiford is still hungover from P.R. and doesn't remember much and is drinking at the meeting.
  • We are going to stick with the original plan for elections aka Johnathon's Plan.
  • Please See the email thread on Google Groups/Mailing List.
  • Elections are December TBD, December 11th at the earliest. 

Pledges / New Members

  • Don't judge Freeside based on DANtheMAN
  • New visitors:
    • Mike
      • Grad student @ GA Tech studying Computer Security
    • Yanek
      • Works at AT&T, programs, flies real planes, sails
    • Jonathan
      • Networking, general hacking
      • Saw Creative Loafing Article 
    • Watson
      • IT support
      • Building a Cigar Box Guitar
      • Builds Hot Rods
      • Saw Creative Loafing Article 
  • Full of crazy people; can't induct any more

Field Trips

  • Sandy Springs 911 Center
    • Sandy springs is big brother; they're watching you (srsly)
    • Can stream 1080p video from squad cars over 4G
    • Now know how to watch GPS on Tripp's phone
  • Yanek suggests a Air Traffic Control tour
  • More ideas:
    • CDC
    • Local gaming company
    • Sparr is looking into some places
    • Car place suggested by Brandon?
  • BigJust asks if there's a wiki page, Raiford points out that BigJust is holding a laptop.  Answer: yes.


  • Circuit bending w/DANtheMAN Saturday around 1ish
  • dmm to give a class on intimate massages, modeled after the one given to duckie during the meeting
  • Duckie looking into welding class - usually Sundays at 2pm
  • Jason:
    • Security class
      • Not enough time, not enough help
      • Volunteers needed top help out
  • Reminder: any subject matter experts are welcome to teach classes; anyone is welcome at classes
  • Kiki volunteering to do flyers for classes, let her know
  • Should do more group projects:
    • RepRap
    • CNC
    • Need more!
    • Even just doing something from Instructables is cool
  • Sparr ordering a contraptor
    • Used for creating CNC devices
    • A bit over $600
    • Looks like a giant erector set (Jason says it's an "erection" set) for building rapid prototyping machines
    • ~4hrs to build basic CNC machine (with a dremel)
    • Put a tattoo machine on it, and it will do tattoos
    • Needs donations
      • Currently has ~$400, with an additional $200 it will be owned by Freeside
      • Raiford: Freeside can donate some money toward this if we're short
      • Email Sparr if you're willing to donate
      • Bring donations to the meeting 2 weeks from tonight
  • Surprise unboxing after the meeting tonight
  • Anonymous: "You're awesome, Sparr!  Sometimes!  Like right now!"
  • Buddy doing a demo of some electronic thingie that sounds cool after the meeting is done
    • 8-bit microcontroller
    • Has onboard TCP/IP stack
    • Sparr wants his table.  He cleaned it off.
  • Curbob is awesome and got a giant print of the Creative Loafing cover for us