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Creative Loafing Article 

Check News Stands Tomorrow (2009-12-02) or here
You can thank DANtheMAN for tipping off Creative Loafing about Freeside :) 


Classes and work/play sessions

Circuit Bending Tomorrow (2009-12-02)
Electronics 101 Cancelled until Mid January
Stay Tuned for Welding and Surface Mount Soldering scheduling update
Start coming up with idea and plans for next year's classes. 
Possible ideas:
Lightning Talks
Special One Time Lectures/Workshops



Lots of New People

Pledges / New Members

Brandon Matthews

Build Out

No Build Out Weekend in December


If you want Freeside to use special way of running the elections you have until December 14th to document and code the proposal for more information please see the Dec 2009 Election Methodology email/discussion thread.