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Misc topics

As requested, each one of the Presidential candidates will lead 1 meeting. This week Duckie led the meeting.

New Members - We had around 5 new guest and 4 recent guest now have sponsors (correct the sponsors if incorrect)

  • Branden  (Sponsor - Duckie)
  • Shadow404  (Sponsor - KiKi)
  • Lee  (Sponsor - Curbob)
  • Pi    (Sponsor - PhreakMonkey)
Campaigning - The questions to ask the candidates is open again until 11/24 5:00pm. See the information Raiford posted to the members only email list. The Candidates will have the questions answered and submitted by 11/28 to Vudu who will then post them.

Hackathon - was discussed. Freeside was part of the Hackathon. We had many members show up during the weekend and work on projects from clearing out the server room to a rail gun. While the video stream worked we were unable to be added to the page of webcams, we may need to use the Ustream account that was created. Freeside will be part of future Hackathons also. - They are in need someone who is interested in tech, hacker, and open source happenings in Web 2.0to write short posts for us once a week on those topics

Surprise Electronics Box - Our next order will be arriving in soon, watch the mail list for details when the opening of the boxes will happen. While this sounds a bit lame, it's a good time to learn some about the parts we receive and a good time getting to know your other freeside family. Watch for Sparrs email.

Pie-a-thon - TBA

Holiday Plans & Classes - For those attending or teaching a class, check the calendar and expect lower numbers for the classes with the holiday season apon us.

T-Shirts - Members need to pick up their t-shirts so we can start to sell extras to members and non-members

Field Trips - Chattahoochee river 911 authority on Dec 5th 12:30.


Creative Loafing visited us once more (because we rock!) this time taking video for their website. Some of the projects videoed were the Mame machine, Foundry, the CNC Machine and random scenes of our members working.