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Misc topics

As requested, each one of the Presidential candidates will lead 1 meeting. This week Curbob lead the meeting. Next weeks meeting will be Duckie.

Hackathon - was discussed. Freeside will be part of the Hackathon. Hackathon will be going on this weekend 11/20 - 11/22. The ustream address needs to be posted to

Co-lab - Sparr talked about Colab and their build out. Co-Lab is a maker/artist space that is down the street from us were artists/makers can rent some space.

Carolina Con - Curbob is going to announce a call for papers for Carolina Con which he helps run every year. So if you have a talk you would like to give, talk to Curbob.

Orphan Thanksgiving - If there is enough peeps, those who have no Kin in Atlanta and would like to spend time with their Freeside family there will be a Thanksgiving dinner/potluck at Freeside.

Campaigning - The questions to ask the candidates is open again until 11/24 5:00pm. See the information Raiford posted to the members only email list. The Candidates will have the questions answered and submitted by 11/28 to Vudu who will then post them.

Field Trips - Chattahoochee river 911 authority on Dec 5th 12:30. We also talked about probable future field trips to CDC, CCP (Eve), Casino Slot Machine Manufacturer, and more. 

For those who missed it. The Candidates are as follows:

Presidential Nominees:





Board Nominees:


DMM (Donald)

Phreakmonkey (KC)





Creative Loafings photographer visited and took some snapshots for the front cover of the Creative Loafing! We will be featured on the front cover in 2 weeks time according to them. Hurray!
Logan was spotted at the meeting.