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Misc Topics

Raiford stated that the shelf and worktable buildout continues.

Probably need 2 - 3 Shelf units for the back space... we're probably OK on shelves for the front area now.

More sheetrock needs to be done. - Bathrooms and Storage Room are tops on the list!

We still need more power! Server room needs to be completed and more power outlets along the back work wall. - Server Room and Loft are tops on the Power List.

Kiki will be bringing in some machines to be located in the loft... Please cover these when doing any work in the loft and don't break/violate them!

Need to determine what materials are needed to complete the water heater install - Blow off valve? Tub to put heater in? Let Raiford know what needs to be purchased and let's get some hot water!

Need a mechanism to handle our event planning and RSVP'ing. We're currently trying out EventBrite. Give it a shot, give us some feedback. If you don't like... build something better for us!

Freeside Field trip! Suggestions of where we can go? Discuss it on the mailing list... (Backstage @ Stone Mtn? Various Data Centers? Logistics facilities? Google Street View ride-along?)

We need more Press! - Need to get out to conventions, Meetings, etc. Spread the gospel of Freeside. Maybe we can come up with a standard Freeside "table" or "booth" that we can take to events

We need more Web Content! We actually have things going on. Let's show people! Post videos, blog, etc. If you'd like access to the Freeside Blog contact Raif and get set up!

Feel free to edit/comment/correct at will.