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Classes and work/play sessions

Mischif is taking the lead on our video monitoring/archiving project. Contact him if you'd like to assist

Sparr is taking the lead on our dotting/dating process and implementation. Donations will regularly be inspected for use and if not in use, will be dotted with a date. Policy (to be created) will determine how long an unused item is allowed to stay in Freeside before it's tossed.

KC/Phreakmonkey is planning a General Aviation class. Tentatively scheduled for 10/24/09. Watch the wiki/mailing list for more details.

Jason's Security class is moving to Wednesdays. Watch the wiki/mailing list for more details.

Freeside agreed to match member donations to buy a decent projector for LeFlash/Freeside. LeFlash will take place on 10/2/09.

Raiford will be organizing another round of build days focusing on more shelving and work tables. Watch the wiki/mailing list for more details.


Beverly (a writer from Pine magazine) and her SO (sorry I missed if it was boyfriend or husband) stopped by to check out one of our meetings. There's a chance she might get to do a story on us!

Pledges / New Members

Sparr - sparr has been sponsored, fanned and accepted as a Freesider. Welcome Sparr!

Chris (lastname?) - potential pledge. super powers include industrial refrigeration and welding

TheBeege - potential pledge. currently in school... may or may not hang around ATL post.

Misc topics

This is Eater's last official meeting in Atlanta as President. :-(  We thanked him for all of his hard work and wished him well with his new gig in NYC. He will definitely be missed.

Vudu will be taking over as interim President until we can call a special election and have an open vote on a new President. This election in tentatively scheduled for 11/10/09. Watch the mailing list for more details on the election process/schedule.
As Eater mentioned, being Freeside President is a huge opportunity for growth, both personally and professionally. I'd encourage everyone to give it some serious consideration!

The back work area is getting out of control. We're going to work on getting more shelving/storage/workspaces SOON but in the mean time, please be sure to clean up after yourself and keep your projects organized and (as much as possible) out of everyone else's way.

We need to reach out to the "Burn Atlanta" group. Sparr has more details regarding the group. They have huge amounts of space and seem to work on cool projects.

When donating an item, default policy is to assume that all donated hardware will be free to be torn apart UNLESS you put a note on it with guidelines regarding use. ie: DON'T HACK or DON'T TEAR APART
If you want/need to tear apart/hack a donated item, first check to see if there is a note regarding it's use. If so, follow the instructions in the note. If not, do your best to determine who donated/loaned it before deconstructing it.
Best policy is: If an item is going to be residing in the space when you're not there, label it with something along the lines of "DONATION: FREE 2 HACK", "DONATION: DON'T HACK", "LOANATION: FREE 2 HACK" or "LOANATION: DON'T HACK" and including your name would be great.

Feel free to edit/comment/correct at will.