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Classes and work/play sessions

dknowles: python, thursdays 7:30pm, schedule recently updated - see calendar

adam: electronics and prototyping, saturdays 2pm, starting sep 19th

enrique: embedded shizzle, saturdays 4pm, starting this saturday

john: rep-rap, sundays 11am, resuming on the 20th.

jason: network security / haxing topics, sundays 2pm, starting the 20th

dan: circuit bending, every other wednesday 7PM(?)

kc: flyboy stuff. one-time event. when?

peterp: welding stuff. one-time event? when?

preston: mythtv class. see wiki page for scheduling. is this on the calendar yet?

tripp: making sawdust 101. saturday 11am. starting when?

kiki: first aid class. one-time event. date/time TBD.

porch: Firearms: Introduction to safe handling and operation. Explanation of federal and state law regarding purchase, ownership, carrying, and lethal force. Explanation of eligibility requirements and process for obtaining Georgia Firearms License (GFL: Georgia's carry permit) - Porch, freeside classroom, date.time TBD

kiki: design hour (photoshop, css, etc.). date/time TBD.

Two-hands project

They are 99% sure they're coming to visit Freeside. Kiki knows them.

We can all go together to the hacker spaces meetup that weekend. (18th?)


tripp - sponsor is john. fans are eater and justin.

enrique - sponsor is donald. fans are eater and duckie.

kiki - sponsor is beth (i think?) fans are duckie and adam.

taopunk - sponsor is eater duckie. fans are eric and buddy.

This Sunday

Shelf building at 10am.

Cook-out immediately following. Bring your significant counterparts. See vudu's email for details.

Misc topics

If ten of us find a project interesting, it's likely then 100,000 people on YouTube will also find it intersting. Take time to video-record your projects. Kiki can get equipment, and does video editing. At a minimum, find somebody with a flip cam and upload raw video. Spreading knowledge is a part of our mission. Getting publicity will also help us build momentum, get public donations, and generally make our space more awesome.  So MAKE VIDEOS OF YOUR STUFF!

What else?