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My memory is a little fuzzy... please edit/add detail where I missed.

  • Eater is leaving on October 1st.
    • Freeside shall survive.
    • Start thinking of nominations for a new Pres.
  • We are financially secure. Future dues money can help fund new equipment and supply purchases. Duckie/Adam/KC are going to head up a purchasing committee.
  • We have new aspiring members.
    • If you are a member, take time to sponsor a new member: be available to supervise new members in the space, encourage them to participate in projects, give talks, etc.
    • Remember most of you only had to sign up on a spreadsheet, so don't get all protectionist about membership ;)
  • Let's make a mad dash to get new projects, classes, and workshops going this month. Look at the calendar, find an empty slot, and participate.
  • The Two Hands Project is making a documentary about hacker spaces, and they'll be visiting us sometime around the 17th.
  • There is a hacker spaces meetup this month. Let's go!
  • trucks are expensive and insurance is a pain in the ass. Maybe we should get a small trailer for now.