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  • Space is now habitable and (basically) secure. Remaining build-out items here. If you want to help getting the space to 100%, please check that list.
  • Ordered Comcast last week. Got the huge fee waived! Yeah! Now let's see how long it takes for them to install it. (Can somebody be around / close by during the day this week to meet the technician?  Sarah is on it. Yay Sarah!) Installation is scheduled for Thursday!
  • Project: webcams on the doors, with continuous data fed to a server somewhere and archived. Who's interested?  Duckie (and someone else) has an IP cam to donate for the back door. Just need to set up a server and some software to run it.
  • Treasurer update. $5Kish in the bank. If you pledged a donation when you joined, please donate it :) Still being careful with our expenses until we get a cushion built up.  We need to source things for cheap or free where possible.  Rent was only $900ish this month, since they pro-rated for when we had no power. Cool.
  • Is there a way to arrange RFID access for the back roll-up door, too?  Not really. We're going to try to keep the door closed as much as possible. Should we tell people to park by the goats and walk to the front door?
  • Fund-raiser planning. Missing Dan.
  • We have walls begging for murals and random art. Where da artists at? Tronik's lady might still do something. There's also a graffiti artist we can let loose on the warehouse. He paints robot artwork.
  • Are we ready to put together a weekly calendar for various things?  Are people ready to give classes and workshops?  Yes. Circuit bending coming soon. John is doing rep-rap Saturday at noon. A MythTV class is in the works, but not ready yet.
  • Founder's T-shirt. Kive's roommate is awesome and will help us get the shirts printed for cheap. Need to finalize a cool design.
  • 1U servers for hosting? Sariel has some.  We need to get them ready and we can put them in the Xilogix co-lo.
  • Rep-rap update. Come to the space Saturday at noon for rep-rapping.
  • DEFCON highlights! Killer bees at the pool.
  • Some guy wants a place to do a one-time class for rebuilding transmissions on fancy cars. We're going to host him. John will supervise. We'll ask for a donation in turn.
  • Duckie is giving a quote to Metro to re-do their video security. If they like it we'll get some free rent as payment. Go Duckie!