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no one posted any meeting notes?  *shrug* here goes from memory :) please add/change anything i forgot/botched.

We met at the space at 7:30. Aprox 25-35 people. Our first in-space meeting with electricity!
  • Access control system is up! Rayford handed out key cards to all who were there.
    • Discussed software side of access control system and dues tracking
    • Vudu will be coordinating a small team to develop a software system to tie these together and simplify
  • Discussed financial accounting requirements. Looking for free/cheap simple solutions
  • Went over some fundraising ideas and details. Keep em coming!
  • Status of space build out: time for finishing touches and clean-up. AC should be on soon. 
    • Most important to-do: doors to keep AC from leaking into warehouse!
    • See ducky's post on the list for more details
  • Rayford dropped off a bunch of goodies for the space, including some random PC hardware, a monitor, and washer/dryer.