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  • Voting:
    • Metro 52%
    • Laredo 30%
    • GIW 18%
  • Metro wins! We all agree to unanimously support Metro, and table all space comparison discussions until such a time in the future that we decide to fork().
  • We have 43 people paid up already. Dumping the 7 non-payers today and promoting the waiting list.
    • Everybody on the current waiting list will be given another five days to secure their "founder" slot by paying dues.
    • No more sign-ups, not even for the waiting list. It's time to institute whatever policy we decide for vetting new members.
  • Dues collection will remain on the 15th of each month
  • Space build-out: Duckie is Czar of Metro-prep. He'll need volunteers who are into that sort of thing.
  • John is heading up CAD creation and and general layout considerations. This is a high-level layout plan to start (i. e., where to put fire suppression sprinklers) so please don't bug him with low-level details (like where to put the work bench for Project Foo...)
  • Donations! We collected about $2K last night. The sooner you can donate your pledged amount, the better.
  • Fund raising: we should raise one-third of our total revenue from public support. Time to start getting serious about fund-raising ideas.
  • Time to think about lifetime slots again. Same deal, $2500 for life, limited to five people. Who's interested? (Turns out, a few people are still interested.)