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Logan will hopefully post the video wrapup of the meeting very soon. In the meantime..

Taylor's 3 Minute Meeting Re-Cap

- Dues collection starts Today! Raiford said we had collected $500 by meeting time! (Please correct me if I am wrong).

Check the email that you signed up with for the paypal link.
Please pay your dues by June 20th.
Remember dues are not tax deductible.
Donations would be, but we do not have our status yet. Once we get our status, it is retro active as far as donations.

- Space decision is finalized. NOT!
Although noone wants to prolong the agony any further...
The Space decision is not finalized.  Neither of the spaces received a 2/3 majority even with the "either" vote added.
Final results in attached pdf for those that wanna know how it all shook out.
Even more interestingly, Laredo is back on the table. Long story short; 1500/mo 1st yr ,1600/mo 2nd yr, we take care of the lawn/lot.
(If you want the actual long story, we can email the list tomorrow).

Because of these 2 factors, and with the agreement of eater, the board, and those present at the meeting, there will be a new LAST vote.

Voting will start when Taylor has all three spaces' offers on paper. (btw wed and fri). Voting will remain open
until the next Monday meeting. There will be 3 choices, metro/green/laredo. If there is an even split, the board will
roll some dice or flip some coins, there will be no further votes. We will send out an email with these details and more.

- Move-in party planning begins.

Tentative date: August 15: This is a grand opening party, we will be inviting people outside the group to come and see what we are about.
If you have ideas or want to volunteer to help, please go to the the party planning wiki page and let Daniel know.

Opening Party Planning

Skillz wiki - how bout we have a page where people list their skills. This will help us collaborate on projects, and avoid reinventing wheels, and will help people who want to teach and learn to find each other.. Indicate your level of expertise or lack thereof.
Pranav Shenoy,
Jun 15, 2009, 9:58 PM