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We had a 50% turn-out for the vote. (That's better than a presidential election!)

We tallied the voting spreadsheet, and gave time for people to talk up their underdogs. The final results:
  1. Former Church on Laredo, 11
  2. Metropolitan Warehouse, 6
  3. 3840 Green Industrial Way, 5
  4. 976 Jefferson in West Mid-town, 2
  5. Warehouse by Push Push, 1
We decided to nix #5, and negotiate with the top four.

The Official Arbiter Of The Freeside Lease Negotiations (Taylor) will get tentative best prices for each of the top four. Next Friday we should have our final data points: the lease price. We'll have one more round of voting then, and pick a single winner.

In the mean time, you have a few extra days to sway the final vote to your favorite.

Dues collection will start on the 15th as planned.  Raiford is setting up the PayPal magic to do so. You have until the 20th to pay dues before somebody on the waiting list bogarts your spot.

We've decided to collect donations when we move in (hopefully next month) when we do our move-in party / inaugural fund raiser.

Taylor showed a video of the Toronto Hacklab. You may view it here.

It was a well-attended meeting tonight - standing room only in the "Eagle's Nest" room. (25 people? 30?)  It was good to see some faces that hadn't been out in a while -- good to know you folks are still in :)