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Tentative agenda:
  • Space crawl got pushed back. Let's re-cap our top choices, and review any new potential spots.
  • Collecting dues and donations. Are we ready?
    • Bank account (might be) ready.
    • Do we need to choose a definite space first?
  • Time to set hard dates for choosing a space and signing the lease.
  • Devision of Space
    • How are we going to use the space?
  • Who's going to SummerCon? We'll be presenting Freeside.
  • Who's going to DEFCON? (Did the hacker space panel spot happen?)
  • Where da logo at?
  • Review of Potential Projects

Meeting notes:

  • We're semi-blocking on space crawl
  • Need a majority of people to look at spaces so we can decide
  • Maybe do a meta-crawl via better pictures/videos with online voting
  • We're voting on a space in NEXT WEEK'S MEETING.  BE THERE IF YOU HAVE AN OPINION

  • Summer-con this weekend
  • Eater speaking
  • Talking points:
    • Distinction between our space and other spaces
      • Physical space
      • Equal parts: sw/hw/security hackers

  • Logo stuff
    • Lots of people like eater's barcode logo.  Let's clean it up.
    • Mandie MIA
    • Also discussed converting barcode to a fancy-smancy 2D one
    • Maybe make some vector shapes that represent what we're trying to do (i.e. something that represents software/hardware/security) and make the logo reconfigurable?
    • Simple is good
    • Less color is good (cheaper for stickers/tshirts/etc)

Other stuff:

Had a blast last night! We came up with a plan for the very near future. The next few days will be busy for Freeside.

- John has a (tentative?) appointment Wednesday at noon to check out two new potential spaces.

- Raiford and I will be opening the bank account on Thursday.

- Logan and I will be revisiting the Laredo property on Friday at 10AM (tentative).

- Dan (or someone else?) is going to further investigate the Metro warehouses.

- We ALL need to update with our favorites -- and ample detail -- BEFORE END-OF-DAY FRIDAY.

- Saturday is SummerCon. We'll be talking about Freeside at 4:15PM.

- WE WILL VOTE ON SPACES AT NEXT MONDAY'S MEETING. We'll arrange a proxy voting system for those who can't attend in person. The people currently on the "first 50" list will get votes.

- Next Monday's meeting will be at Manuel's at 7:30PM, as usual, but we'll be in the "Eagle's Nest" room. Be there -- it's probably the most important meeting we'll have before moving into our space.

After the next meeting, we should have a ranked list of our favorite properties. Negotiations for a lease will begin immediately thereafter.

Exciting, right?