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Meeting notes:
  • cjr's "Freeside pitch"
    • Discussion/proofing/etc of his slides
    • Slides
    • Taylor on "hackerspace" vs "maker space" vs "man space": "I'm not donating a 42U plexiglass enclosed rack to a /man space/"
  • Raiford visited NYC Resistor
    • Went to NYC Resistor, met with Bre Pettis
    • Very small space
    • Very laid back
    • Not a nonprofit
    • Dues don't pay their rent--they charge lots of $$ for classes to pay rent
    • Member vetting: 100% acceptance required
    • High level of trust: everyone gets a key
    • They have a laser cutter.  We must have a laser cutter (room consensus attained)
    • Didn't shop around for real estate
    • They are more of a "start-up":  people work from there, etc
    • Summary:
      • We're much more organized than they are
      • We shouldn't model ourselves after other groups, because we have much different interests & goals
  • Coming soon: Space Crawl
    • Being organized by cjr
    • Will be on a Saturday
    • Visits to potential spaces & local watering holes
  • Logan's psychedelic space videos:
    • Taylor: "Every version of Media Player after version 9 is kind of like an STD for your computer"
    • 250 Arizona Ave
    • 731b East College
    • 765 North Ave
    • (new space not on list) - 404-966-8668
  • Beth on workshops/classes/etc
    • Must charge at or below market rate for training/etc (due to nonprofit status)
    • cjr: What about a "hackers ball?"
  • Mandie from Eyedrum:
    • Wants to design our logo
    • Discussed eyedrum's history & benefits of independent non-profit & DIY spaces
    • Encouraged proper planning to avoid future legal/financial problems
    • Suggested rent is not afforded by membership alone but combination of fundraising tactics
    • Educational programming at eyedrum as a comparison for freeside classes/workshops
    • Eyedrum is entirely volunteer run including accounting
      • Treasurer plays the theramin (Duet for Theramin and Lap Steel)