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(Sorry it took me a while to write this up, I've been running around crazy this week.)


Still have the three "favorites" -- avondale warehouse by Push Push (theatre), laredo (the former church in decatur), and the west mid-town place near Octane.

A couple of other hopefuls have cropped up lately, too. We need to mobilize to check them out. There's still several that have been marked "NEEDS RECON" that can be checked out, too. Please budget time on your own to organize trips to these.


We have an Employer ID number. This means we can open a bank account and start thinking seriously about collecting dues. We're tentatively targeting June 1 for this.

We still don't have our certificate of incorporation, but that should be coming soon; the Secretary of State has cashed my check, so it should be imminent. Worst case scenario is that we'll have to re-file articles for some reason, and be delayed another few week. (In that event, our effective date of incorporation is still the date they received the original articles.)

Other tasks for organization are still underway, and we're making progress. You can follow progress here: ... it's mostly bureaucratic niceties for the board of directors and officers to handle.


I'll be giving a blurb on the hacker space for this. It's June 6. Make your hotel reservations and such. We'll be doing lots of drinking before, during, and after the event.


We're getting closer and closer to having a space!  Be thinking of specific projects and workshops we should be doing.

I personally feel that the real magic (good ideas) won't come together until we move in... but be thinking about projects nonetheless :)


I will be out for three weeks. In my absence, John and CJR will be in charge of meetings and keeping tabs on progress.

We decided to skip next week's meeting, and have one the following week. It will be mainly a property review... we'll need to hustle and get everything recon'd that we can in the interim.  WE'LL NEED TO SERIOUSLY MAKE A SPACE DECISION WITHIN THE NEXT MONTH! Make sure you're putting in the leg-work to find the perfect spot! This is probably the most important decision we'll need to make, and it's almost time to make it.


We had a lot of miscellaneous discussion I can't remember. Somebody please edit the wiki if I forgot something notable.