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  • "My name is _____, and I'm a _____."
  • Quick recap of progress.
  • Potential space review. We have 20ish places on the list. A few are starting to emerge as viable options.
    • 125 New St.
    • 976 Jefferson.
    • 190 Laredo. (This one still needs recon, but sounds very promising.)
    • KEEP LOOKING! We should have 6-8 viable options before we start negotiating.
  • Fund raising.
    • To be safe, 1/3rd of our total revenue should come from public donations.
    • Classes/seminars?
  • Looking to start dues in May, and planning to move in by June!
  • Everybody needs to review the Bylaws this week.
  • Miscellaneous chit-chat about spaces.
  • After-meeting drinks!