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Approximately 16 people this time, a good portion of those being new faces.

Much of what we talked about was re-visiting previous discussions.

Surprisingly enough, we're pretty close to our goal. We just need 5 more members. We also need about $5K more in donations.  We should realistically be able to accomplish this in the next two months.  (By comparison, we got 25 members and $5K in donations in just ten days.)

We discussed fund-raiser ideas.  There are still people donating to charity, if the recent food bank fund-raiser was any indication.

What can we do for a fund-raiser? Auction consulting time? Do a seminar? Just pitch what we're trying to do and then rely on the goodness of people's hearts?  (All of the above?)

Divide and conquer time. Let's go out and spread the word to the other groups. Eater is talking at dc404 Saturday.  Freeside will be discussed (at least briefly) at the next ALE meeting. What else? PyATL? etc.?

We should create a "meetup" page, even if it's just to funnel people to the proper discussion group.  (Any volunteers?)

It's time to go ahead and file legal papers, lawyer or no lawyer. We seem to have enough previous experience and level heads to do this without needing to worry much.

Eater and Beth to resolve formal members vs. no formal members issue. It looks like having formal members isn't that big of a deal. We can probably just copy Noisebridge's org model:

Eater to file Arts of Inc THIS WEEK. Will review details with others prior to filing for one last sanity check.

dmm / Beth / Eater to draft and ratify bylaws + file appropriate IRS forms. dmm is checking up on 2008 changes for how things work.

Lots of potential project discussion that I didn't really catch. Somebody edit and update this if you get a chance.

Talked about starting dues one month prior to actually moving in, to build up a slightly larger financial cushion. This may be absolutely necessary if we can't meet our $10K goal before then. (It may be a good idea regardless.)