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Somebody with a good memory fill this in, please :)

About 17 people showed up. A few that we know are interested could not be there.
Discussed why the monthly fee is $80 (the cost of real estate, the value of people's tools on loan, keeping the group at a managable size. Also see Budget)
Discussed need for Access Control Project, for household membership (ie spouses), for simple rules about paying, safety, commonsense stuff to avoid abuse of the space and/or the laid back nature of the group.
Discussed the nature of a Non-profit: no material benefit to the individuals, assets distributed to other non-profits upon dissolution, provide community service, conduct fundraising, be good fiscal stewards, etc. For more info:
Encouraged everyone to bring a friend in,  to keep an eye out for a space, visit spaces, take pics and post them.
I am finding a lawyer who will look at our incorporation/exemption for free or low cost.
Everyone is encouraged to add to Projects, TODO, Rules, etc.
If you haven't been to the countmein page, go now.

(Please add to this anything I overlooked!)