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12 people showed up to the meeting which started at approximately 7:30pm in the back room of Manuel's Tavern.
The general consensus is that initially we should target a member base of 30 members with monthly dues around $80.
Ideally, monthly dues should be able to cover rent + normal monthly expenses (utilities, etc).
The group agreed that there should be a Starving/Unemployed hacker rate of approximately half the normal member rate for qualified and deserving members.
The group also agreed with the idea of a one-time "startup fee" for each member. This fee will probably be around $300. These fees would go into a pool to cover any initial move-in expenses such as deposits, repairs/improvements, etc.
Raiford has taken the responsibility to set up a spreadsheet online to keep up with member signups and payments.
*Only people who are fully committed to the $300 startup fee + ongoing monthly dues of $80 per month should sign up on this spreadsheet!*
It's imperative that only serious members sign up so that we can determine accurate income estimates.
It was agreed that if people wish to donate (or possibly invest) more than the $300 startup fee that would be acceptable. Investment terms to be determined.
Everyone agrees that we should not sign any lease agreements until we are properly incorporated and have > 10k dollars in the bank.
Ken stated that Incorporation papers are in the works and that we should see some movement on this issue within the next few weeks.
Non-profit status takes considerably longer and will be months in the works.

ToDo (immediate... by next meeting):
Raiford: Setup online spreadsheet to track member payments
Ken: Touch base with ALE to see if there's any interest
Beth: Touch base with the rest of DC404 and local artist community to see if there's any interest
Chris/Shauvik: Touch base with your contacts at Georgia Tech to see if we can find more potential members and/or possible investors/donors.
CurBob: See if there's any way we can promote our cause at OuterZone

Long term thoughts/Ongoing actions:
Security: We need to create a viable physical security policy. This would be a great project for a member. Focus needs to be on personnel safety and loss prevention.
Membership guidelines: How do we handle members who don't pay their dues? How do we replace members who decide to leave the group?
Potential spaces: We need to continue search for possible locations
Community project ideas: We need to come up with both free and for-fee projects that can help promote our group and help the Atlanta community.

Discussion was coming fast and furious last night so please feel free to comment with anything I've overlooked.

We're off to a great start!