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I'd like to take a moment to summarize/record some notes from the
meeting tonight.  Most of this is memory-based, and my memory is quite
poor... so please feel free to elaborate/add to the list as

Here it goes:
Dishwasher detergent
Oh wait, wrong list...

Ok, lets see...

A group of approximately 10 people were present.

Discussed generally the overall organizational structure (to be).
Incorporate first, then work on the non-profit stuff (with a lawyer).
Very much interest in seeking grants for the organization, and
(although I don't recall the term being used) sponsorship of projects.
 Grants pre-501c3 would retroactively become charitable donation for
the donor, following the grant of 501c3 status.

Member dues will be assessed.  Discussion of multi-level dues
structure was discussed (ex: "regular" and "starving hacker").  Amount
TBD pending a bit more research for budget and location.  Dues will be
monthly.  Some expressed interest in paying dues "in advance" to
infuse some immediate cash in.  There was also discussion about
"capital investment", or a personal loan to the organization, to get
it going.

Unanimous vote on the name Freeside (changing from the name Hacklanta)

General rules were discussed.  These include such things as the
hackerspace not being used as a residence, occasional guest visits
would be allowed but benefits of organization open only to dues-paying
members, and overall compliance with the law is required (IE: there
will be no drugs or Warez-ing).

Discussion about how members will be recruited.  There was mention
that many "country clubs" require an invite by 3 people in order to be
inducted.  Also mentioned "Open time" for non-members to come (say, 2
hours a night, 1 night a week), from which members could be recruited.
 As I recall, nothing was cast in stone in this regard.

There's a "chicken-and-egg" issue with projects and location.
Projects can help obtain (grant) funding, but a working (physica)
location can be catalyst to spawning projects.

Discussion about certain people having certain strengths/desires was
discussed.  For example, some people may wish to be "management",
whereas others might be willing to invest cash.  A personal opinion,
is there a wiki (or other medium) set up for the group upon which we
can create paragraphs for categories (under which people can attach
their names), and would this be a good idea?

Branding (logo/etc.) should begin immediately.  Eater, did you say you
will contact a, er, person to work on this?

The incorporation process should begin immediately.  Eater (right?)
has templates for the applicable documents.  Will you be starting

Permanent physical locations will (continue to) be looked into.

Chris (did I get the name right? I'm bad at them) will create a
presentation to outline an organizational overview/etc., and will
present this at the next meeting.  Does anybody have a
projector/screen they'd be willing to bring/lend?

Hope to have some of the DC404 members (that's you Taylor and Beth!
;)) present at the next meeting.

The next meeting has been scheduled for Monday, Mar 2 at 7:30 PM.
Location is the same, Manuel's Tavern (Eagles Nest room).

Did I recall/understand anything incorrectly? Feel free to throw a bag
of poo at me while calling me an idiot if I did (or, just mention it
;)).  I'm sure I forgot some notable things, so please feel free to
add also!

Thanks guys!