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Meeting was attended by about 12 members and 2 Guests

Announced that Liability waivers will need to be signed by members in attendance before they leave.

Question was asked if non-members need to sign as well? There's no mention of "Member" in the waiver so I think it's a good idea for visitors who will be regularly active in the space to sign. Thoughts?

Need some sort of locking heavier-duty (not necessarily fireproof) filing cabinet for onsite record keeping. Keep your eyes open for one.

One of the requirements of our 501c3 certification is keeping a current membership book. This book must be kept onsite and must be able to be produced when requested through the proper channels (IRS, etc). The question was asked if your "real name" is required for this membership list? Some members may have privacy concerns and would prefer to only use their uber-elite alias. Need to determine what is required and if legal name is required... what happens to members who refuse?

Saturday (8/29) is the Red Bull Soapbox derby @ Piedmont park... so storage build day has been moved to Sunday (8/30).
A group is meeting at Freeside @ 12:00 to make a Home Depot run and rent a truck to bring back the needed materials. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to help out! If you have a project and you need materials from Depot, but don't have a truck to transport it... this is the time!

Treasurer announced that we now have almost $10,000 in the bank!

Treasurer also announced that we will likely be moving away from PayPal soon. Mentioned a few alternatives that will be tested. Google Checkout is an option and appears to have a much more flexible API (and a subscription option). Details to follow.

New member policy still needs to be ratified. We briefly reviewed it as a group and I would still encourage everyone to read and comment on the policy. Viewable @
It would be nice to have this ratified before the next Board meeting (9/3/09 TENTATIVELY). Can we try to close this issue by 9/1 or 9/2??

Access control at the space has mostly been addressed by the RFID system, now we need to focus on Security. Duckie/Adam I think are going to take the lead on this. Webcams + Zoneminder have been suggested. We're starting to get nice things in the space... let's protect them!

Same as with the "Joining Process" the Rules need to be ratified.
They can be viewed @
Again... it would be great if we could get these finalized by 9/1 or 9/2.

Mentioned that we need to start the Sticker/Tshirt ordering process. Logan suggested They seem to have really good pricing but a moderately long lead time. Some people want a left-chest-print-only shirt... some want a left chest + full back. Need to decide how many of each size, color, etc to order. Anyone want to take the lead?

Announced that ByLaws will be signed soon at the next Board meeting!

Some people are not cleaning up project messes. We're doing good on the foodstuffs, etc... but let's not forget to clean up after ourselves when we're working on our projects/space improvement. Once storage is created, let's make use of it and not leave active projects out occupying space while you're not present working on them.

Please feel free to comment/correct/add/clarify as needed.