How to join Freeside

So you want to be a member of Freeside Atlanta, eh?  Awesome!

Feel free to drop in to our weekly meetings on  Tuesdays at 7:30 to meet some folks and see what we've got going on.
If it's something you're interested in, then start showing up to the project meetings or register for classes.

We are a friendly group and we welcome newcomers. However, we do want to get to know you first.  Here is the process for becoming a new member.
  • Find two sponsors. In other words, come to some events and meet some folks.
  • Send your bio and responses to some of the questions below to your sponsors.
  • After a week, if nobody has an objection then you're in! Welcome to the party!
  • You will get all of the cool stuff that comes with being a member. See Induction! below...

Got it? Quick re-cap: get two sponsors, participate in regular open events, be positive and awesome at all times, and then you'll get to be a member.

Answer these questions and send them to your Sponsors

1. What do you think you can offer the space? (Skills, personality, a
nice smile, etc.)

2. What do you think the space can offer you? (New talent, social
networking, space to work, etc.)

3. What are some current project you are working on/want to work on?
(If you have past projects you're proud of, now's the time to boast

5. How did you find/get interested in the space?

6.What classes would you be interested in seeing at the space? What
might you be willing to teach?

7. What does the term 'hackerspace' mean to you?

The role of the "Sponsor"

Are you already a member and wish to sponsor a new member?

You will be responsible for a few things:
  • Making sure the new member is not a crazy person.
  • Helping the potential member participate in open events.
  • Explaining to the potential member how things work in our group.
  • Making sure they know and adhere to our "be excellent to each other" policy.


You made it? Congratulations! Induction means:
  • Your own key! (Well, an RFID badge and key code.)
  • 24/7 access to the space.
  • Your own little piece of the Signature Wall to personalize.
  • A designated space to store your personal equipment.
  • A new family of 50-something people to entertain you.
  • World-wide fame; you're now a part of something truly amazing.