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Member Guidelines - What to do before you leave!

If you're the last one in the space, please do a quick walkthrough before you leave. Things to check:

  • Clean up after yourself!
    • Put away anything you've been working on, unless you've marked and dated your work area, and will be back to it within 48 hours
    • After 48 hours, anything left in the public space may be moved if someone needs that space
    • Put away any tools you've brought to the space.
    • Sweep/mop your work area as necessary. If you're feeling altruistic, you can mop / sweep up other areas too
    • If you've been working in the auto bay, make sure ALL spills are cleaned up! Oil spills should be covered with oil absorber and then swept up. Fluids should be mopped or absorbed into cloth.

  • Make sure extension cords are unplugged and wrapped
  • Make sure any tools belonging to Freeside are put away in their proper location
  • Make sure the air compressor is unplugged, and all air hoses are wrapped up
  • Save power!
    • Make sure the A/C is set to "off"
    • Make sure ALL the lights are off
  • Make sure the back doors are secured

This list is a work in progress. Please update it as necessary.